Ironman | Activist | Military Journalist

Ironwoman. NATO Journalist. Ivy League Grad. Activist. Nonprofit and business owner. What can't Jackie Faye do? Today's guest has not only pulled off historic feats of her own (completing six Ironmans across six continents in one year, for example) but has empowered other women to accomplish historic feats of their own.

Today's inspiring conversation takes us around the world... and into the story behind the woman who seems to approach everything in life with a bigger purpose in mind.

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Jackie Faye

Ironman | Activist | Military Journalist

While working at NATO's Headquarters in Kabul as a military journalist, Jackie started training the first Afghan women to swim, bike, and run through her nonprofit She Can Tri. In 2020, they made history as one of their athletes became the first Afghan woman to finish an IRONMAN event. Their top two athletes went on to earn scholarships to study in the United States. To launch She Can Tri, Jackie also took on her own challenge, and became the first woman in the world to complete six IRONMAN triathlons on six continents within one year. She is also the founder of OneJanuary, an ethical activewear company based in Austin, Texas that makes sustainable apparel from recycled plastics for the purpose of supporting global sport and leadership opportunities for women impacted by war and poverty.